5 Reasons to Go Camping in Normandy

Camping holidays in France have long been a favorite for British holiday makers, especially for families. The combination of fantastic beaches, quality food, and beautiful countryside makes for a superb trip to Europe, and nowhere is this truer than in Normandy. Camping in Normandy is special for a number of reasons; here are just five…

Close to Home

For sheer convenience, it is hard to beat a family holiday in Normandy. It is the region of France that is closest to the UK, and a camping holiday in Normandy is only a short crossing on the ferry or Eurostar away. No epic car drives across the length of France – you can get to a campsite in Normandy in a matter of hours and the shorter the car journey, the fewer ‘are we there yet’ comments you’ll hear from the children in the back!

Great Beaches

Normandy has a glorious coastline, alternating characterful little coves with long stretches of golden sand. Most campsites in Normandy are concentrated along the coast, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a beach holiday and experience the beautiful Normandy countryside at the same time.


Superb Regional Cuisine

As any stay at a country campsite in Normandy reveals, it is a land of orchards and dairy farms, and sampling the local produce is a real highlight of camping here. Normandy produces over half of the milk and dairy produce that is consumed in France – Camembert is the most famous cheese from the region, but it also produces Neufchatel, Livarot, Pont l’Eveque and many others. From the orchards, apple based dishes and sauces dominate the cuisine, including many excellent ciders and apple brandies. Being a coastal region, the seafood is unsurprisingly very good – make sure to try a local assiette de fruits de mer while you are camping in Normandy.

Historical Sights

Normandy has more to offer than just good beaches and fine cuisine. There is some superb medieval architecture on display at the charming town of Hornfleur, which is a picturesque place for a day trip away from your Normandy campsite. At Bayeux, you can see the original Bayeux Tapestry, the spectacular linen weaving that tells the story of the 1066 Norman conquest.

The beaches of Normandy are famous for more than just being good for relaxing on; the D-Day landings in World War II signified the beginning of the serious land campaign which eventually led to Germany’s defeat. History buffs will enjoy exploring the Allied landing zones (including Omaha, Juno and Sword) and surveying the remnants of a great battle fought decades before.

Family Friendly Campsites

When many people think of camping, they imagine muddy fields, pouring rain, and the most basic of facilities, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Many of the campsites in Normandy are luxurious, with restaurants, swimming pools, tennis courts, onsite shops and a host of other facilities. Normandy campsites are perfect for families, with a combination of onsite facilities, beaches and local countryside all acting as playgrounds to keep the children entertained.