Anthony Cox Rochester Blog

Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog. Please visit often to check for future updates. There have been soooo many exciting developments lately, so I need a little time to compile my note and I will create future posts to catch you up to date. Once that is complete, I will give progress updates as things unfold. This is going to be another exciting and prosperous year. I will also create a few travel blogs… there are so many amazing places I’ve seen, too many to chose from to pick a favorite! As many of you may know. I am an avid fitness/sports buff. I will be releasing several ‘results guaranteed’ fitness videos in the near future. It’s a culmination of over 35 years of study, research and development to find the MOST effective way to achieve your body/fitness goals in the shortest amount of time to produce results that will last. I don’t believe in shortcuts, but I do believe there are always direct routes to get what you want in life, and fitness is the same way. The program is extremely challenging, but I have taken the ‘boring’ out of exercise, so it will be fun at the same time. If you follow it as closely as you can and do exactly what I tell you, when I tell you to do it, you WILL see results! And I promise, your life will never be the same! ….. in the meantime, check out this video of one of my new favorite boxers!!  Enjoy!